Ladies and Gentlemen: Rupert Murdoch!


People being happy about who they are. Apparently this is the biggest political and social threat to Western society. According to people like Rupert Murdoch. “If only the queers stopped marrying eachother, everything will be alright!” Remember him? He made it his special priority to turn George Michael’s life into a living hell. Well, he tried.

His right hand Rebekah “The Redhead” Brooks even infiltrated on George Michael’s birthday. He had no idea how she got there, and she tried to wipe Murdoch’s phone hacking slate clean. “The police always got there first”. In other words: ‘We got caught red handed, but we played our cards right, ok?’ Word has it, that Brooks even cited the human rights bill during the trial. Can you believe that?

And now good ‘ol Murdoch is wining and dining with Donald Trump and possibly sucking his dick. Not literally ofcourse, because a straight white family man wouldn’t do such a thing, just like Trump wouldn’t bang a 13 year old on a party that introduced her into the world of modelling, but you catch my drift. We’d like to have the notes on that meeting, like asap.

Not being able to acknowledge the basic human right to be the person you actually are is sheer stupidity. And with lots of money in his backpocket to sell this infinite stupidity, we all have the responsibility to watch Rupert Murdoch like a hawk. And not quit unless and until he behaves like a 21st century citizen that accepts the concept “human” as a given.

Schelden doet u thuis ook niet

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