Dear prosecutor Warren Diepraam,

What also could be relevant for her “state of mind” is the fact that Sandra Bland was arrested in a brutal fashion by a police man who doesn’t have his head screwed on straight (yet).

She was smoking a cigarette in her car whilst she was waiting for minutes for the police man to return and she was supposed to be somewhere. I know I would have lit a cigarette to calmn my nerves down.

After returning to her car the police man started a discussion with Sandra Bland about putting out her cigarette in her own car. What was that all about?

You might want to submit this police man to an evenly thorough investigation on how he went from peaches and cream to a raving lunatic within minutes. We’d like to see that report plastered all over the internet too, if you don’t mind.

With high regards,

A citizen of the planet

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